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Nice Lexus

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Ive had some problems with me CD Changer in my IS200 Sport.

The CD got jammed in Decmeber. Still under warranty I called the dealer, who told me to bring it down. I went down they looked, they said.....oooo thats knackered that, I'll have to order a new one. So 3 weeks later I get the call, come down sir your radios in. Back down the a19 to the dealer. Get's home, try to insert CD......the dash readout says its full. try to eject, ERR msg.....on fone again, Dealer says, you'll have to bring it down.......back I, oh theres a fault, we'll have to order a new one 2 weeks later back down.

I live around 50 miles away, so you can imagine Ive clocked up quite a few miles.......shy bairns get no sweets so I ask if theres any sort of re enbursment I can have. The guy in the dealer say's its not something her can authorise, I need to speak to Lexus Customer Service. So I do so, and am told the dealer should not of said that. They contact the dealer.......2 days later a call from the dealer, very sorry etc a good will, the next service will be half price. In which I am very happy about.

Thanks Lexus!

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