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I just got my hands on a 2002 Lexus IS200 for very cheap and bought it mainly as a donor car. It is an automatic with HID lights, headlight washers, auto dimming mirrors, electric heated front seats, cruise control and many other things.

Now I would like to install all of the mentioned things on my other car, which is a 1999 manual and doesn't have any of these. The question is if it is even doable. Is the wiring there for these things or does it need extensive modding to get everything to work. Not sure if cruise control is possible to have on a manual but what about the other things, does it take a lot of work to get everything to fit and work?


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Anything is doable just a case of time and money and if it's really worth the hassle and effort to be honest 

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I've retro fitted heated seats into a Honda and the wiring wasn't present so needed some creativity to get them working, it wasn't difficult though and was soooo worth it.

I suspect most of your work will be electric's but at least you have a donor to check over and lift all of the components.  Splicing them in shouldn't be too much work. 

The automatic transmission might be more work although the age of donor may mean less in the way of sensors/electronics/computer(s) to lift over.

Go for it and keep us updated on your progress, it should be fun.

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i have an is200 2002 

i added the headlight Washers and I can tell you that the cabling is there.

for the auto adjusting of the headlights you have only partial cabling, the connector for the ecu is there but cabling to lamps is stopping behind the fuses box. The tilt sensors are not wired and the wheel support don’t have fitting for the tilt sensors.

i added the auto dimming mirror but I had to take the wires from the fuse i but with the drawings it is easy.

the automatic transmission is a hell. You have to change the wiring the ecu because between manual and auto the ecu has more pins to control the gearbox solenoids and has the connections for the cruise control . I know this because I tried to add the cruise control. 
the dashboard is different for the indication. And at the end probably you don’t have it written on your car papers and you can get problems with the police.

now as soon I have time I will add autolevelling lights with hid and the vsc. I saw no wiring but I have built it. 

I added the navigation but I need original radio to activate but I’m studying how to do it .

i added the alarm system and even there no wiring for moovement detector in dome light and siren in trunk . System even without these parts works.


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