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For the second time my washer valve is failing. As a result only one side is working where second got very low pressure. Maybe it was mounted wrongly last time and I've just put it in place same wrong way.

Could someone check how it should be ? If you open hood it is just behind the acoustic matt next to the windscreen. It would be great if you could make a photo to which show which hose is going where 🙂

This is the valve:

It got an arrow showing direction so I've put input on top of wide side of arrow and output on remaing two. Now when I think about it maybe inout should be at the bottom and tops ones are outlets 🙂



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That moulded arrow head really doesn't help does it? I think I agree with your last sentence.

Try blowing with a mouthful of water into the ports to work out which port is which. I guess you will be able easily to blow into the input but blowing into the output ports should be checked.



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I've tried that with just air 🙂 Neither way was easy/free flow.

5-6 month ago I've bough new one and now it seems broken again as one side almost doesn't work at all - probably due to the pressure at the wrong places.

In worst case I've got 2 more scenarios to try but though someone could just make a quick photo. I bet the same part is present in many Toyota cars.

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