Sat nav/iPhone compatibility - ios12 issues?

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Hi all - I noticed that the internet connectivity via my Iphone has stopped working this week. I no longer get the traffic feeds, petrol prices or other information. Bluetooth still works for music but none of the informational services seem to.

it occurred to me that I downloaded and installed ios12 so I suspect this is the reason. Has anyone else had this problem? 


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Hi .. Interesting to hear this as I had just downloaded ios12 to all my & my wife's iPads and iPhones , (without telling her) then she tells me not to download it as she had read about incompatibility , bit too late but we are both still getting news feeds etc, i'm sure apple will be sorting it ASAP but personally not noticed any problems  

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Okay update on this - it’s sorted. Simple solution - the ios12 upgrade switched the personal hotspot off by default. Once I switched it back on it worked instantly. Duh!

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