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Classic Lex


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Hey my very first car, a VW S.."cough cough" had an interior like that!

The carpet was at least an inch deep, it was even on the doors, and the parcel-shelf. :lol:

VW S??

:lol: my mate had a datsun z car with interior like that, real pimpy :lol:

My neighbours got their astra seats covered in fake tiger skin fur :blink:

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Rickers do yuo have any more pics of your car?

Is the engine still smooth like silk and purring like a kitten after all these years?

And if you dont mind me asking, what mileage is it on?

Just want an idea how mine will sound (as its an auto).

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Guest mark_tsang

this car is same platform as the Mark II, Cresta & Cressida. so many of the japanese sedans not sold here in uk.i seen a newer one in london with a lexus front badge sticking up(merc style) i wouldnt mind a new Mark II toyota, very rare in uk :D


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I got one :zee: :P

love it to bits, will post in gallery

engine no problems to 5500 rpm, don't take it much higher, smooth as silk.

i have done 139000km now, at about 500/week.

Raz: r u gettin one as well?

emailed the vendor, it was sold privately.


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