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Curbed My Wheels


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I was driving through the village centre last night, and there is a very sharp corner with a high curbstone on it. It ain't a very wide road, so when i saw the lorry coming at me, i pulled in as close to the curb as i dared, and stopped to let him through.

The :tsktsk: never even slowed down, and took the corner too fast, to the point that his back end was about 1/2 an inch (no word of a lie) away from my front bumper, so i panicked, and pulled into the curb to avoid my car being trashed by what looked like a diddicoy tarmac truck (probably no insurance), and ended up with a lovely scrape on my rear passenger side wheel.

I am not :tsktsk: happy, i have kept those wheels immaculate for over 3 months, they haven't got a mark on them anywhere, except for the curb marks now.

:tsktsk: :tsktsk: didn't even stop.

So i am probably gonna put the spare on it, and take the curbed one into the boot for emergency cases only.

Stu :driving:

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