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I am new here so please go easy on me ūüôā¬†

 just bought 2014 Is300H F Sports last weekend.  Beautiful drive and loving it.

I am looking to hardwire a road angel pure and dash cam but have found a harness hidden just near boot opener. Just wondering if anyone knows what is this.

I am not so clever with  electrics so my questions are 

1. I am looking for any threads on hard wiring is300H  or any related information in that line.
2. What is this Black harness for (pictures attached )... some previous owner installation or has it come off from somewhere. ( Its just under steering wheel... door end)
3. Assuming its from a previous owner as no light on the dash and all working can I use it for my hard wiring what sort of harness etc can I plug it in (name of the female harness to buy as don't want to cut and connect instead buy female and join it on ). Also how to check if it's live.
4. Can you recommend any car electrition in or around Portsmouth that might be able to do for a cheap and cheerful price?

5 Another small white clip or harness as well there .. same questions above.

Many Thanks in advance.







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Welcome to the LOC

Not an IS300H owner so I can't comment except to say it looks like it's an unused connector for some option that's not fitted to your car.

You would need a multimeter and some small probes to check if there was power on any of the pins.  

The most usual method is to tap into the fusebox inside the car (on the IS250 there's a fusebox on the driver and on the passenger side and I'd assume the IS300H would be the same) and then run the cable up the windscreen pillar and across the headliner. Some people have also had success with tapping power from the dome light or the rearview mirror power - neater for hiding the wires but harder to make the connection.

Halfords offer a dashcam wiring service but the quality of service varies depending on the store and personnel. This kind of job would be simple enough for any decent auto-electrician





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