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I Bought A Is200 Sport

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Well i have done it

I have purchased a IS200 SPORT Granite SKY on a X reg 2000 November

i part choped me Vectra and got 3.5k for that W reg 107k on the clock

and payed 8.5k on top.

The Lexus has 80K on the clock. New style CD player fitted CD load at the TOP

the test drive was smooth no noise from gear change CD player is fine at the mo

the wheels have no pitting on them 4 new boots on the car

The car has Lexus Service history up to 65k

I pick up the car on Friday the 27th i have asked the garage to change the Cam belt as it is up to 80k does anyone think this is advisable or should i wait untill the 100k service

i have been looking for a car since the new year and when i seen this in a Hyundi

garage ( what strange person would part chop a Lexus for a Hyundi) just up the road from my house and the screen price of 11999. i thought it was too good to be true

have i got a good deal

Cheers Matt i can not wait till friday :D

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Hi Matt

Welcome to the world of Granite Sky motoring, what a great choice of colour.

I have not read of any premature cam belt failures on this site however I am sure there will be someone along soon that knows. Check with your local Lexus dealer and ask their opinion and to see how much they would charge, it would give you peace of mind.

:D :D

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Welcome to the club :D , would make sence to get the belt changed ( one less thing to worry about :unsure: ).

As you have found out ,you can get some good deals from other brands of franchise dealers, i bought mine from an independent and saved about 1.5K :D .

Enjoy you new motor B) .

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i think youve paid about right for the beast,i got my cambelt changed at 70,000 miles,good job i did cause it had a chunk out of it.get it changed mate.the belt itself are only 20 quid,so buy one and get your local mechanic to do it so you know its really been done. :winky:

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Hello all i am only 1 day away from picking up my new car

but today i phoned the garage

ref the Cam belt and they have said they have been advised by Lexus

Birmingham that the belt does not need changing until it reaches 100K

so i will replace the belt myself.

as one of you said the belt will cost me £20-30 and will give me peace of mind

BUT and its a big BUT i will not let this put me off, as again one of you said i will be driving a LEXUS WITH A BIG SMILE

Reason why i am leaving the car till Friday is i dont feel i should pay the DVLA 12months road tax and only get 11months (tight git but practical)

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I have just got my IS200 SE and I keep having a look out of the window at it, they really are a fantastic car.

Spent the other afternoon, washing, waxing, super resin waxing, it gleams!


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got mine also today and its F***ing Superb

everyone thinks its a superb car

i am smiling and happy now

the only thing is that when i picked it up it had snowed in brum last night but the garage made sure there was no snow on it when i picked it up

Superb motor filled the tank and expect to use it all weekend


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Just read your sig BESTY

Tartan Travel Rug     :lol:  :lol:    LMFAO   :lol:  :lol:

well lexus are an old codgers motor :lol:

am only 23 :duh:

Does that just make me mature :D

yeh your a codger :lol:


Oh well chaps, am off to get a new pait of mules and a copy of the times, the chair in front of the fire is getting cold. Plus it's a bit late gettin close to my bed time.

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