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Buying A Gs300se - A Good Deal?

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As a complete Newbie to the Lexus world, I have come here for some advice from the experts on this excellent site.

I have always fancied a GS300 from afar and as luck would have it, I have the chance to buy my brother's GS300SE company car. The company is his own, the car was run by his wife, and apart from the normal detritus in the back seats left by their kids (easily cleanable I'm sure!) is in pretty good nick.

The specification is that of a standard GS300SE, first registered 13 Oct 00 (2000X) and has only a genuine 17500 miles on the clock. The colour is Gold.

I can buy the car for £14800. What I would like to know is if this is as good a deal as it seems to be - prices on Autotrader would seem to indicate it is a much better deal than could be obtained from a dealer, and cheaper than most private deals.

The only reservation I have is the colour; hopefully without causing offence to those who have a Gold coloured GS300SE, does this particular colour affect resale values?

Is there anything else I should consider or confirm regarding the car?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Taberham

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I think it is about right for the money, but you could pick one up easy at a dealer for the same money which will have full warranty and be serviced etc .Gold is not gonna have a good resale value but the low mileage would help counteract that .have a look at some of these to compare

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