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Rx 40k Service

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The 40k service is due on my RX in the next few months.

When the car was MOTd last week I asked about the cost of the next service at 40k miles and was quoted £465 although I normally get a LOC discount (although dont appear to be in the scheme) so it will reduce to only (!) £420.

I was surprised as the previous services at 10k, 20k and 30k cost £137, £166 and £151 respectively. In the past they have always been competitive (eg cheapest quote out of 3 for 30k service).

Is there a huge amount of extra work in the 40k service?

Am I just being a tight b**tard?

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Just serviced my rx 300 series1, last week @35,000mls. Didnt cost me too much, 5/30 Oil 4.5lt cost €20, Oil filter Lexus €10, Air filter Lexus €18, everything else was ok on car except front pads which need to be renew shortly. Oil filter was a b*****d but got it eventually. Should try doing it yourself. Although timing belt has to be done @ 60,000 mls which I will leave in to Lexus at a cost of €350.

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