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The 2006 GS450h is available used for quite low money now - presuming I don't use a Lexus dealer, how much do these cost to run, in terms of normal servicing?

Also, are their any known issues affecting these cars at high age/mileage which are expensive (i.e. not just general wear & tear etc.) ?


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Hi, These cars don’t cost any more than any other for standard servicing, however there are a number of weaknesses with these cars, especially higher mileage examples.

1. Once you get past 100k there is the risk that cells in the hybrid Battery may start to fail, I think there is someone on here who can replace individual cells otherwise a new hybrid Battery from Lexus is around £2,500. There’s no real way of checking either other than just seeing if everything seems to work ok. Try and find an example that has a recent hybrid Battery health check certificate from Lexus or try and make it a condition of the sale, even then they only check the Battery and no other hybrid components.

2. The shock absorbers are an expensive dealer only replacement item at around £400 each and they are prone to failing.

3. Rear brake callipers can seize because of under use as the hybrid system uses regenerative braking.

4. Check for creaks and rattles around the dashboard.

5. Exhaust back boxes rust and can also fail at the Y joint.

6. Earlier models can rust along the front edge of the bonnet.

7. Listen for timing chain rattle from the engine.

I’ve had 2 of these now, I probably wouldn’t have another as I feel like they are a bit of a ticking time bomb just waiting to go wrong, especially older high mileage examples, the first one I had suffered hybrid Battery failure 2 weeks after I bought it, fortunately the dealer took the car back and gave me a full refund, the second one was getting ready for new shocks and a new radiator when I sold it along with a few other issues, they are nice to drive, comfortable and refined and they are very, very fast. I averaged around 30mpg day to day and around 40mpg on the motorway. Make sure the boot is big enough for your needs as it is tiny because the hybrid Battery takes a lot of the space. Good luck if you decide to buy one, as I said they are lovely cars but just be aware of the potential issues and have deep enough pockets if it should go wrong.

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Agree with Martins points

Ito o have replaced i seized caliper, the dash creaks but there are ways to soften the noise/

had rust on the bonnet edge but was repaired fro free under Lexus warranty

recently the car passed MOT 2 weeks ago and no suspension issues so far fingers crossed but i do have the same feeling like it a ticking time bomb 

servicing is pretty much the same as any other car  if non dealership servicing


the rest is down to how heavy your right foot is



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Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback - I wondered about the issues at higher mileages/age, so this great info!

It does seem like the bigger hybrid system in the GS causes more issues as they get older, compared to the lower-powered systems in the Prius, etc. which seem to soldier on to 400k miles with few problems, and I'd hazard the system in the 300H similarly more robust.

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