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Hi all, I have been mildly considering a GS Premier mainly due to spec and sheer refinement plus its reasonable mpg. I really want a facelift 2015/2016 GS450h Premier but they are impossible to find. However I have come across this GS300h in a great colour scheme with the required 19" alloys and sunroof:


My question is that it seems fairly expensive given it's a discontinued model and the ES is around the corner plus it is 2yrs old. Thoughts anyone?

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It's a bit of a perfect storm. The current GS seems to be holding it's value well, probably because there are not many about, Lexus dealers charge a lot for their used cars and it's a very low mileage example. According to the valuation, the forecourt price is around £31,800, so it's a little high, but not much.

Good colour combination by the way, it's nearly the same a mine!


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