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Hi folks, 


Recently bought a 2008 GS450H - in short, love it, besides the inconvenience of not having an AUX input or Bluetooth music connectivity! 

Over the last week or so I started getting a faint foul smell (smells like rotting eggs or ) while I was driving. I smelled all the interior of the car, and there doesn't seem to be any one particular area that the smell originates from.

The engine light has been illuminated, and when checked it seemed to give off a historical camshaft sensor error, which I'm unsure if it's related to the issue with the smell. Either way, I will have the error code for the camshaft sensor later today, and will get it seen to afterwards.


Regarding the smell:

1) A/C - I turned the A/C on and off - the smell is not coming from any of the air outputs in the car, so I presume it's nothing in relation to the A/C system which seems to be a common issue some people have been experiencing.

2) Head Gasket - the car has never overheated, I watched the temperature closely and there are no issues here. I haven't checked the oil cap for milky residue - I will do this later today, but I'm hopeful that this will be fine.

3) Oxygen/Lambda Sensor - this could be one possibility, I know that when this fails it can cause a somewhat egg-like smell coming from the exhaust.

4) Cat Converter - this could also be a possibility, just like the Lambda Sensor. 


I guess my question is whether anyone has ever had any of these issues, and what steps they took. I'm based in Ireland, no extended Lexus warranty here - I'm having all work done privately by a dealer. Based on this, I have full trust in that the issue will be solved, but I don't want them going on a wild goose chase at my expense - these things are rather pricey as you can imagine.


Thanks in advance! 

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