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Hi guys,

Came across something today that I couldn't find a solution for so I thought I'd ask the experts.

I get that when you are in Drive and you shift over to S on the gearbox you can use the sequential gear shift or the paddles and then when finished move the gearstick back over to drive and carry on. But when you are in drive and you use the paddles it goes into M mode (assume Manual) and you can use the paddles in that way. When you are finished though how do you go back to Drive? do you have to move the gear shifter over to S and back again? That's the only way I can seem to get it to work? did try both paddles at once in case that worked but it didnt.

I know its not really a biggie but it seems a little of an oversight if that's the case. Looked in the manual but couldn't find the answer anywhere.


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Wayne, just hold the up paddle for a few seconds, that'l get you back to D

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