IS200 bushes costly to replace?

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Hi.  I have had my IS200 SE (2006) for 16 months and it has been a joy to drive.  Not much has gone wrong as I was lucky to find an example which has been very well looked after. 

I heard a loud noise on the motorway few weeks back, appeared to be from the rear suspension.  Couldn't see anything.

Noticed recently handling slightly different and took it in to have tyres checked and suspension.  Tyres appear to be fine but they suggested the rear d/s bushes are gone.  They went on to explain and show me how the whole section of that suspension could need replacing.  The independent tyres people wouldn't touch it. 

I am yet to go into my garage for them t have a look at it. 

My question is whether it is worth spending the money to replace these.  It has been suggested I might need to do the n/s as well. 

Earlier in Aug I had the n/s front ball joint replaced for MOT.

With previous VW Bora & Passat, had a few suspension issues which become expensive albeit I don't have any major knocking at present. 

The car has done 136000 miles and is due a service in 2000 miles and an MOT next Aug. 

I tried to gauge with the garage how much it would cost but they couldn't tell me without looking at it, but I'd rather know the worst case scenario.  And is it worth doing.  Or should I sell it. 

Many thanks


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My IS200 has 169,568 miles on the clock and I source all my parts now from a chap in a group on facebook "LEXUS IS200 GROUP" or "LEXUS IS200 classified's" Both are closed groups and easy to join, Ricky Smith is the main supplier of any part for an IS200 vehicle, he breaks Lexus cars and will fit parts if you go to his place or posts them via delivery companies,(payment in advance).

I recently had a part for my suspension, Lexus wanted £110, he £25 including postage...join the group and contact him!


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