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Thinking Of Buying Old Rx300

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thinking of trading in ls for rx cant afford new rx so might be opting for used 3 yr old one?

But need owners advise on pros and cons.

i dont do many miles a year approx 8500

can you quote servicing and parts etc.

do alloys rust?

thoughts would be appreciated. :D

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See my post about the cost of a 40k service in the same forum. This highlights my costs for the 10k, 20k and 30k services. Otherwise the only costs to date have been two new tyres (one puncture, the other due to poor tracking after the first tyre!) and a wiper blade. Went thru first MOT no trouble.

40k service is a lot more expensive and likely to need brake pads at £xxcessive (unknown yet)

At 3 years old thought about new DVD for Sat Nav but at more than £300 bought a cheap map instead. If you buy from a dealer try insisting on a new dvd.

Fault free so far and a still enjoyable to drive. Still feels like a new car to me. I would have thought that after an IS200 you will find it a very different driving experience but as long as you accept the additional space, height and weight will have an effect you shoukld still enjoy it. The view from on high is good but its not so high you have to climb in (like a Discovery and the like).

I would thoroughly recommend an RX

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Major service at 20k, minor at 10k which is the same for all Lexus models.

My dealer has told me some alloy corrode and some don't. Not as bad as the IS ones.

I've just put down a deposit on one. Like you I can't afford the MKII which is a shame because they are better in most areas but the MKI is still a good drive.

The main cons are the mpg and if you are looking to go off-road it's capabilities are limited compared to a Land Cruiser etc.

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I purchased a 3 yr old Mk1 9 or so months ago with 25K on the clock, managed to convince dealer to throw in the 30k service for me -

40K service was a major one at circa £450, plus brake pads and disks @ £500'ish - However dealer told me that 50 & 60k services were also major ones, so I opted for the pre-paid services packs to cover these

Sums made it a no brainer :

very rough figures

40k - £450

50k - £350

60k - £400

3 service pack was £720 spread interest free over 10 months.

Only real gripe has been the quality of the alloy wheels.

Drive is fantastic, seats very comfortable buy, buy, buy!! and enjoy

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