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Ordering Parts From The Us

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Hey everyone this is my first post here at LOC. You guys in the UK get some pretty cool extras for the RX that we sadly don't get here (at least that I know of). I was wondering if you guys know of any way I could order some UK parts. I am particularly interested in the "Illuminating Scuff Plates"...I think those would be pretty cool looking. Any advice is welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!


1999 Black Onyx RX300

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Thanks for the input and suggestions!! Probably a dumb question, but who is Chris Shipley? Is he the moderator?

A UK/US exchange system sure sounds nice...organizing it however doesn't :unsure: . Anyone know of some of the major differences between a UK RX300 and a US one? I honestly have no clue! :blush:

You guys seem to be much more responsive and friendly than the US RX300 forums! Thanks again.


1999 Black Onyx RX300

Black Tail-lights (from

Eurolight HB, LB, Fogs

Clear sidemarkers

(Pretty extensive mod list huh?)

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