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Induction Kit


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Hey guys just made a Induction Kit for my IS200, :whistling: i have to say the sound and rumbly for it is nice, and it has a lot more output at low RPM from 2000 to 4000 i like it so much, i will try and get you guys some pic,s to see it

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will be better if you can box of the filter, and possibly get a scoop from the is300 to feed the cold air in.

if you get cold air in, you will feel even more of a benifit

but it does look good i must say

My next job is to make a box/shield for mine

Where wouls I get the IS300 scoop from Mat ?

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Looking good.

Why have you still got the std intake by the grill

nice to see another best IS colour about :whistling:

I have the std intake still there, for now that is :winky:

well dave it is the best colour a mate :P

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Looks good marcus.

few questions if you dont mind

what size pipe did you use?

how did you attach the air sensor to the pipe?

and do you think it looks bad with the cover removed because thats the main thing stopping me doing mine

Cheers :D

The pipe is 3" and i just drilled the pipe for the sensor, so i could fit it in B)

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