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Is 200 Wiring Loom


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Does anybody know much about the wiring loom in The IS's? Basicly Ages ago I fitted a non standard sat nav in my car & modded an IS console to take the screen. Its all good apart from its not wired up to open & close..I just do it manually. I got the console with the ecu from a scrap yard...& from what ive been told..for the console to work it needs the relays in the ecu to if thats correct then all i need to do is connect the console & the ecu...but i cant find the connections. lexus tell me that the connections arent there..if you wanted sat nav then you had to order it from new & a differnt wiring loom was fitted at the factory. Every auto electrician under the sun tells me that there is no way that a car manufacturer uses a different loom for different models/specs..its too costly to the company, they just tuck the connections away........So can I find the connections?? Like hell i can! :angry: can anybody confirm this to save me more agony in searching????


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they wont make a seperate loom per say, all that will happen is at the loom making plant they will add the components required for a sat nav equiped car.

having got up-close and personal with a IS200 wireing loom for the past few months, i can assure you that the sat nav part of the loom is not installed in a non-sat nav car

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