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Been At The Spray

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o.k after the test went o.k on one of my old wheels i got the dusty spare out of my boot and set to work on it.. well heres a pic with it on the car.. 2 coats prima 2 top coats steel colour and 2 coats laquer .. i think it looks better than the bright silver that they were..

and this wheel was badly flaking with corrosion

ohh by the way its the front wheel that looks


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hmm as my sport wheels are pretty bad I am wondering about painting these myself.. i do not want to spend £80 per wheel.. well.. not just yet.. but would love to get the wheels looking in a better condition.

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well after 2 attempts at being happy with it my conclusion is that if you are going to do it yourself get a nice stiff wire brush attachment for an electric drill...1 it gets the old paint of quicker 2 you can get through most of the corrosion 3 it does not make your arm ache as much as

but it is most important to prep the wheel fully before spraying.. (get every last bit of paint off) and clean with a good spirit.. as you only need a tiny bit of greasy area and your buggered as the paint just will not stick ..

heres a closer look at the wheel


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sounds like a lot of dough steve are yours the one that have the grey inserts and the polished fronts

yes polished fronts mate.. but the laquer is badly gone and the polished finish is now pitted.

I think for the time being i will redo the face as the inserts are fine.

just to get me by for 6 months.

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