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SC430 modification and maintenance

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Purchased a used approved facelift SC430 recently. Very pleased so far however as the car will never be sold I have a few subtle modifications and good housekeeping maintenance jobs planned. Had a search through the forums, but couldn't see anything the same been done so wondered if anyone has done any of the following and if so could give some pointers on items to be aware of and any recommended suppliers in the north, north west. Many thanks.

First job is a full respray to take out 10 years of minor scuffs, dents and stonechip touch ups and bring paintwork back to perfect condition. Already got a lexus enthusiast resprayer lined up for this who I've used on other vehicles who I'm confident will do a proper job. Current colour is palladio silver. Wouldn't be too unhappy with a same colour respray, but would prefer a colour change to metallic Healy/ice blue.  Anyone got any comments about what to look out for or make sure is done on a colour change? I don't want any exterior or interior areas eg door or bonnet undersides where there are two colours and it is obvious a colour change has been done. The respray must be perfect.

While the paintwork is perfect I also wanted a full body film protective wrap immediately done to keep it as far as possible perfect. The best product so far appears to be something called xpel ultimate that isn't meant to degrade and self heals. Anybody had any experience with this stuff and know of a good fitter. It appears from what I've read on other car forums is that preparation is the key to getting a good job done.

Also want full underside protection done to help minimise corrosion. Something called dinitrol seems to be favoured on other forums. Again it appears preparation is key so wondered if anyone has experience of this product and any recommended suppliers for the job in the north.

Lastly I'm very impressed with the leather in the car, but I dislike the textured black vinyl on the dashcover and the door cappings. I don't want to see a scrap of plastic in the interior and wanted the dash, door cappings and any other vinyl covered parts covered in black semi analine leather to match the rest of the upholstery and trim. The only place I can find someone has done this is an old you tube post from the US.  lexus sc430 interior fully customized

Exactly what I want done. Has anyone in the UK done this and can give any recommendations of where to get it done.

Ultimately what I want is to end up with a concours, standard looking SC430 with a bentley grade interior. It would be nice to replace plastic switches, air vents, knobs etc with metal ones to match metal trim in the car, but I guess this is to impractical and no such parts exist.

It's just a shame they didn't go the extra mile with a 100% leather interior and metal switchgear as personally I think the SC430 is one of the best and most individual looking gts made in recent years.

Hopefully I'll be able to create my perfect car.

Again many thanks for any help or comments with the above.

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My next biggest job on my SC is a complete respray but will be staying with same colour “black”  maybe with bit of a sparkle tho in it as just normal black is costing me 4K so might as well spend a bit more for something different which sticks out slightly from the norm

too much peeheeing around to do a colour change ie door shuts under bonnet and boot.... your silver in my opinion is the best colour, i have that colour on my LS

agree with you about covering plastic dash and other bits of trim 👍🏻...hmmmm next job to do after respray lol

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A colour change and finish to such a high standard will be a lot of work for someone. Hope to see a full build thread.

I like the idea of replacing the black vinyl pieces with leather. Some of the switch and vent surrounds could be done in wood by a specialist but changing the actual switches to metal, I don't know of anyone who could do that. 


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