Buying GS450H Gen3 Looking a bit of advice

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Hi Everyone,

Currently own 03 GS300 which I use as a Taxi (Mileage 225k), I am sticking with Toyota/Lexus and was considering getting a Prius or Hybrid (Would like to save on fuel costs)

The amount of comments I get from customers of how Nice/Comfortable the car is you would not believe, and considering that the car is 15yrs old and I spend all day in the car I like the comfort too, So would like to stick with the GS. I currently get 22 MPG on my current car and considering most of my driving is city Stop/Start and Waiting on customers (Urban is listed as 17MPG) I am quite happy.

I have seen lots of posts on what people get on motorways and commutes to work but was wondering what most of you get driving around town?

Also, on test driving a GS450H is there anyway on testing the Hybrid/Battery without plugin in a scanner i.e. driving on EV mode if it has one


Many Thanks

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Apologies for the shameless bump, But would really appreciate some input.

Basically was just wondering what kind of mpg I can expect from driving around town (I don't drive it like I stole it!)

Also, if I buy from a private owner - is there any way I can test the Battery without having to plug in a scanner??


Like I say - would be really grateful for some pointers.


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In Town only, I got 28mpg last week covering 107 miles.

In colder weather, just in Town I expect less, perhaps 23/24 mpg. Mine is a GEN 3.

Hope this helps.

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Although don't do much pure town driving I would say that i'd get 30mpg and over 2 years I've averaged 35mpg mixed driving (tank to tank based).

The mk3 GS450h benefits from just a little stop start and if you can keep rolling then all for the better. The Battery isn't capable of pure EV mode for long and works best assisting you.

Recently i've been experimenting with steady cruise speeds and find 65-70 yields a fairly constant combustion cycle around 37mpg (ish). Whereas driving slightly faster means lifting off more and overall gives a better mpg. I've tried this over numerous trips rather than just noticing it once.

I really need to get the Hydrid Assistant app running again and get a few more hrs experience with it to see if that helps to show how the systems work best together.

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