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Hi there.

First time poster here. Just purchased an IS200, and the aftermarket stereo wasn't working. Quick delve into the boot shows an aftermarket amp was installed, and crudely removed damaging the speakers. New set of 6x9's purchased, YouTube videos watched on how to get old speakers out (how is it 'best' that you have to remove the rear seats to change the speakers? That's mental...!) And duly done, only to find the original speakers have a much larger frame on them, meaning the new speakers can't be attached. I've tried googling for a set of adaptors/spacers that can be installed to make it possible to fit new speakers, but to no avail. Does anyone on here know where I can purchase a set? I have tried making a set of spacers but they are quite inelegant and cause the card shelf to not sit perfectly, which is frustrating.


All help gratefully received, and apologies if this question has been asked before. I couldn't find a thread on this exact topic, but...

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