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Is300 Springs On Is200


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The IS300 front springs are a bit different then those of the IS200, since the IS300 engine is much heavier.

So expect that the front will lower less then the specification, so if the Eibach spec says that it will lower 25mm in front, expect that it will be less for the IS200.

I would either stick with the IS200 springs or those from the Altezza.

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Tein or Eibach? Tein is a bit cheaper, I've found a kit that costs $200.00 (including shipping to Europe). Eibach costs about $250-260.

Why buy from US ??

If that's the cost you may as well buy in EU.

Don't forget you might have to pay import tax from US also.

Also check out TTE springs from your Lexus dealer.

Same as Eibach... Just another option.

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I usually buy from USA because prices, here in Italy, are very high: 350 euros for a Eibach pro-spring kit. In the USA the same kit costs 200 euros.

And I usually don't pay taxes on the items shipped... B)

About the problem of the engine weight, I think the IS200 has already a low front, no need to lower more... the aesthetically problem are the rear wheels!

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I have also noticed the really cheap deals for us due to the great exchange rate at the moment. coilovers, eibach's and teins, ( £500-£600 ) thats with the shipping over here your looking at £1000 - £1200. obviously with coliovers it doesnt matter about the engine being heavier.

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Eibach produces for TTE. I highly recommend Eibach Pro Kit 30mm. It costs only 200Euros in Germany including Cert for getting them street legal (in DE).

Eibachs are minimal stiffer than stock. no problem with comfort and welding caus only 1" drop.

Just ask a garage in modena.

Eibach PartNo for Lexus IS200 Pro-Kit is 8259.140.

My car on winter-balloons before and after fitting ProKit:


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