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Gb On Strut Tower Bars For The Is200


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These strut tower bars are specially designed to fit the IS200/GXE10 :)

I am trying to poll how much people are interested.

Currently I have one in stock, can get more if I know how many people want these.

Price for this STB: GBP125 incl. express shipping from Hong Kong.

(Should arrive in 1 week :))

Insurance is optional and will cost approx GBP5

Some pics of the strut tower bar:

JIC Strut bar pic1

JIC Strut bar pic2

JIC Strut bar pic3

Sorry, since I do not have an IS200 my self, I do not have any pics of the STB installed.

PS this first buyer is also required to post pics of this STB :lol: .

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My ProLex one will not now fit due to the intake pipe, without grinding a piece out, which defeats the whole object really. :angry: As it was made for the IS300 it fits the standard IS200 with no problems.

Grinding the tower bar is the easy and wrong solution.

There is another way which is more time consuming (costly) but it the correct way :ph34r:

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For the Altezza there are many options available, including JIC, Carbing, Cusco, TRD, Toms, ...

For the IS200 there is only limited choice.

You can get an Altezza STB from JIC, Carbing, Cusco for this price, TRD and Toms will probably be about GBP30 - 40 more expensive.

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