Engine turning over but not firing

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Hi all

I had need to remove the alternator from my is200 yesterday to get to the air-con compressor.  I disconnected the negative lead from the Battery before removing the wires from the alternator.  Did the necessary work, then reversed the original process (so alternator back on, wires to the alternator fixed, then negative lead back on the Battery).  Now the car won't start, she just turns over (so similar to no fuel getting to the engine).  I managed to get her fired up and working yesterday, but today nothing, same issue of turning over and not firing.

Any idea what could be the issue?  I have ensured the negative terminal lead is tight on the terminal, so it isn't that.

Also, the engine management light was on yesterday, with the Traction control light flashing slowly, and the temp gauge not moving off the stop (which has never happened before).  I assume I have inadvertently disconnected the temp sensor from the side of the block, which (once again I assume) would make the engine management light come one.

Any help will be gratefully received!!

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If you are checking wires and connectors, do check the Crankshaft Position Sensor connection as the CPS will cause a no-start. Don't think the temp sensor will cause a no-start. The other thing is to check the earth connections. You've got a start once so fuel supply is there. This is all assuming you've checked fuses already.

The code being registered for the Engine Management Light will be very useful too.

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