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Rx 330 Button Next To Pwr Door!?!

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Hi All,

I'm new here and feel very happy to find a forum that has quit a lot of information which make you feel if this is a good car (overall) or not. Guess what!

i got mine 2 days ago....and it is a :driving: WOW Car, everyone in the street is looking at this beauty...I think the reason is there is not a lot of these cars in my neighabourhood.

Anyhow, i found a button that confusses me that is next to the PWR DOOR button and i don't know what it does. when i push it (the button is Inside) there is a beep and nothing happens. When it is released (the button is outside) nothing beeps and nothing happens.

I tried to work it out in N, D, and P Gear Positions but couldn't figure out what is the purpose of it :question: ..the car is left hand driver.

does anyone in this group noticed the same case.


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According to my RX300 handbook this is the easy access mode switch for lowering the car with air suspension.

The car lowers automatically with the engine off so the beep must be to say sod off.

The button is only usable in LO or Neutral.

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Thanks Guys,

the windows lock is located where the windows buttons are (on the arm rest of the left door).

regarding Air Suspension, i didn't find anything refering to it but i'll give it a try today...if this works, i'll have another reason for my wife to like the car :D



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