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Trd Oil Cap


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Browsing Ebay at work (as you do!) and came across this:

Trd Oil Cap

Now, is it me or doe it seems unbelievably cheap compared to normal cost for these :o

I've e-mailed the seller to confirm it's definately the screw type (as stated in the item description), and to find out P+P costs.

What do you guys make of this? Is this the right type for the IS200? I read through Grim's group buy post for these, and they look pretty similar.

And if it is right, there's loads of them available! - search Ebay, in items available worldwide and in titles and descriptions for 'TRD Oil'

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Me thinks you're right Mr Scorpion!

I've read some feedback for the sellers of these items, and a couple of fake comments have arisen (the seller has obviously gone on the defensive in their responses but i think it's quite clear.)

Probably give these a miss. Wouldn't want to do any damage to my baby!

Dave - I assume you paid around the same mark for yours? Whats the quality actually like?

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Also, always check on the packing, since most of the fake caps do not have the original "TRD packing".

Fake caps can be have very cheap, like GBP10 and shipping will be no more than GBP5.

The genuine TRD cap has a black backing/label.

For the genuine TRD oil cap expect to pay around USD80 - 100 ex. shipping

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I got mine here, On the group buy... It looked very simular to the one shown...

The Group buy did'nt state it was a fake one.

At the end of the day, if an original looks no better then the fake but it's proud logo, then I'd rather get the fake one and save loads..

Mines still on my engine, and it has'nt pitted, corroded and the sticker is foil type still looking all nice and shiny.

I even got my mate one the other day... He loves it, first mod on his Altezza .. :)

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