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I have set up an account online and also downloaded the MY LEXUS app and I have been playing with the journey planner.


I can set a route using my laptop and mobile and it says it has been successfully sent to my car to be downloaded but what happens next???

I've looked at every section of the Premium Nav in the car and can't see where to download from. Do I need a WiFi connection or something?

I also tried to put my user name and password from my account into the car system but it kept coming up with an error message, again will this need wifi to connect?

I doubt i will actually use this facility much as I will program all of my destinations into the car that are currently on my Garmin.

That ponders another question.... is there a way I can get them off my Garmin and into the Premium Nav without having to manually input every postcode?

I have tried to back up my garmin onto a pen then try to import to the cars nav system with no joy.


Any pointers appreciated 😊


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you need a data connection, either wifi or Bluetooth. The vehicle will then download the destination as a memory preset.

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 Nice one.... cheers mate 😊

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