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Is the UX as quite as other lexus's?

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Hi all, im. New here

Im am considering either the lexus UX or  NX,  everything about both suits me and my needs . the problem is i have a hearing problem that can gets worse with a lot of noise. 

my parnter said the NX would be better as being the more expensive car it will have better sound proofing, is he right?  I thought all lexus's were suppose to be quite.

My partner told me to make sure i have good tyres on to reduce tyre noise and avoid low profile tyres. On which ever one i choose

Since im also considering the NX as well i have posted in that section too. 

id be greatful for any advice on the UX.

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Ideally you will need to check yourself once dealers get their UXs.

I believe the new engine/transmission and build techniques of the UX will make it quieter than the NX which is an older design.

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