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The title is a bit rubbish because Ive not moved - but my son has just gone from a VW Golf to a Mercedes C180 Coupe. 

I cleaned the Golf and put it up for sale at a fair price and the first person to view came to see it and took it after a whole 5 minutes of negotiation! So out with the old:





And in with the new:




So now we have all white cars in the household! 

Anyway, the problem is, im quite fond of the C180 after driving it. The engine is smooth and refinement is on par with the IS300h despite it being a 1.6l engine. Performance is undoubtedly less urgent but definately adequate for a 23 year old! Having said that, he's gone and had it remapped to 180hp and 310nm of torque (+24hp and +70nm of torque) and apparently it pulls pretty well now! 

Seems to be doing about 40mpg at a steady 70mph too so no real complains. 

Whats quite eerie is the car feels very very similiar to the IS300h to drive. The handling is about the same, the ride is EXACTLY the same, the quietness is the same and oddly, front and rear tyre sizes are the same too. Hmmm, lets see if its as reliable shall we? 

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Looking good,like the family reg as well.

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