MAF Cleaning.

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Bought a can of Archoil  AR2810 MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER and used it as per instructions on the label.

Easy to use with no great effort required.   My 14 year old LS430 with 94000 miles had a coating of dark grey residue

on the inlet side wire, while the outlet side was clean as expected.  A few coats and it was clear.

After a drying period in the garden and then a 15 min warmup, the car was ready to go for a test.

OMG, the throttle response was so much different, that I narrowly missed driving into a neighbours fence.  It caught me by surprise, how responsive

the car was to my normal  pedal pressure. The car was running well before the MAF was cleaned, but the difference is amazing. Next test is the MPG.

I never rely on dashboard readouts as they are only a snapshot of driving conditions.  I always run the tank down till almost empty and then fill to brim

and record the miles covered when tank is almost empty again.

It was not the cheapest cleaner on the market but well worth the money in my opinion.

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Hi Bob that is really interesting. Will have a look at mine thanks,  here’s, Roger

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