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Dvd/tv On Nav Screens

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There is a new product that has just been added to designed for in car use. The description is as follows:

Our new model, the NTSC / PAL to NTSC RGB Sync Converter is highly suitable for installing PAL systems into NTSC monitors, solving a common problem in imported cars from Japan and the USA.

News Item

Full Info


And at £78.64 (+ shipping) looks to be a bargin.

I am going to order one tomorrow, anyone have any comments? or ordered from them before?

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The only problem I see here is there is no switcher, but can be easily made.

Otherwise how are you suppose to switch between the NAV and New input?

It's cheap though, I got something simular for 225 and that was trade.

I have the wire instructions for the Lex NAV monitor RGB;s if it helps ya.

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I don't see why this should'nt work otherwise.

I checked out the specs meaning you can input NTSC or PAL composite video signal into it, and it will output NTSC RGB which is what the LEXUS monitor's require.

You could probally make up simple a step down power supply using a 1 amp voltage regulator with a heat sink, should'nt cost much to make £2 or so. if the device draws mA.

:winky: Colin

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Luckly I already have the PSU sorted, left over from my single disc DVD player. As for the switch I was going to use a 4 pole relay controlled from a hidden switch in the front of the car.

I think I have worked out the wiring, but any info you have would be great.

Keep you all updated with the install.


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It's cheap though, I got something simular for 225 and that was trade.

Wasnt that with a tuner as well tho?

how difficult would it be to convert the power and make a switch, where would the switch go?

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was'nt with the tuner, just the adaptor Raz..

The switch can go anywhere.. If you are thinking of getting one of these.. let me know, i do the switch and relay for ya.

Thanks Steve!!!

The only thing tempting me with DVD and head rest screens, is that it also seems an effective way of adding MP3 to the car (with your aux input).

are there any issues with these cheap DVD players that can play MP3 (i.e sound quality)?

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Has anyone used or reviewed the one from

It is produced by AVElectronics in the US. I have spoken to them and it is NTSC only, hence the TV tuner will not work in the UK. Added to that you can only use it with a NTSC DVD player.

Full Details

They were working on a UK version but I feel they have stopped development.

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  • 1 month later...

I contacted on the 1/04/04 and this is what they said:

Hi Ian,

I am sorry to mention, but we have removed this model from our stock as it has been a little unstable. However, we have a new model available soon which offers very good conversion - it is the RGB version of;

We hope to have this available within the next 4-6 weeks.

I asked if the new one would do PAL Compisite to NTSC RGB and the reply came back

Yes, this model will solve the PAL composite to NTSC RGB problems.

I am sorry we are still doing R&D on this new item and unable to give you an exact price. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can offer you price and a more exact delivery date.

If I hear any more I'll let you know!!!!

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What do you think about this Converter:

Sorry, it s German, but you can find it on wenn you enter the produkt Number 30-333-16 in search field.

It is 129 Euro, and works on 12V

manual in pdf-format

ELV FBAS(Y/C)-RGB-Konverter FRK 7001




Zur Umwandlung von FBAS- bzw. Y/C-Videosignalen in die RGB-Komponenten dient dieser vielseitig einsetzbare Konverter. Da die Eingangssignale dem FRK 7001 wahlweise in PAL oder NTSC-Farbnorm zugeführt werden können, ist das Gerät auch als NTSC-PAL-Konverter nutzbar.

Bei der Normwandlung ist zu bedenken, dass keine Konvertierung der Zeilen und Bildfrequenz möglich ist. Während die TV-Darstellung im allgemeinen problemlos möglich ist, können die meisten Videorecorder das Signal nicht verarbeiten. Eine wichtige Funktion des FRK 7001 ist die Umwandlung von Y/C-Komponenten-Signale in qualitativ direkt gleichwertige RGB-Signale.

Dadurch können Videokameras der Super- VHS- und Hi 8-Generation ohne Qualitätsverluste an TV-Geräte angeschlossen werden, die über keinen Y/C-Eingang (S-VHS, Hi 8) verfügen. Eingangs- und ausgangsseitig ist das Gerät jeweils mit einer Euro-Scart-Buchse ausgestattet.

Die horizontalen und vertikalen Synchronimpulse stehen sowohl getrennt als auch in Form eines Composite-Sync. zur Verfügung, wobei die Polarität beliebig eingestellt werden kann. Die Bedienung des FRK 7001 zeichnet sich durch übersichtlich angeordnete Bedien- und Anzeigeelemente und eine komfortable Mikroprozessorsteuerung aus. Sämtliche Bildparameter sind dabei digital einstellbar.

Durch einen Backup der Bedienelemente bleiben sämtliche Bildeinstellungen auch nach Ausschalten des FRK 7001 oder bei einem Netzausfall erhalten.

Zur Spannungsversorgung ist ein unstabilisiertes 12-V/500-mA-Steckernetzteil zu verwenden.


  FBAS-RGB-Konverter FRK 7001, Fertiggerät



S-VHS -> RGB-Wandlung mit voller S-VHS-Auflösung

verarbeitet die PAL- und NTSC-Farbnorm

Scart Ein- und Ausgang

Mikroprozessorgesteuerte Bedienung

sämtliche Funktionen sind digital einstellbar

letzte Einstellung bleibt auch

nach dem Ausschalten des Gerätes erhalten


  Technische Daten

Signalkonvertierung:...................................FBAS -> RGB-Wandlung

                                          Y/C (S-VHS, Hi 8) -> RGB-Wandlung

Videoeingang: ................................................ Scart-Buchse

                                                                (FBAS, Y/C)

Eingangs-Farbfernsehnormen:...........................PAL und NTSC 4,43 MHz

Einstellmöglichkeiten: ........... Helligkeit,Kontrast, Farbsättigung, Rot,

                                      Grün,Blau, Schärfe, NTSC-Phasenlage,

                                              Rauschunterdrückung schaltbar

RGB-Ausgang: ................................................. Scart-Buchse


Stromaufnahme: ................................................... < 350 mA

Abmessungen (BxTxH):......................................275 x 165 x 85 mm   


Greets, Thomas

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I used an online traslater and this is what it cam out as, Its not spot on but you get the idea!!!

To the transformation of FBAS and/or. YThis versatile applicable converter serves C-video signals into the RGB components. Since the input signals can be supplied to the FRK 7001 alternatively in PAL or NTSC color standard, the equipment is usable also as NTSC PAL converters. During the norm transducemment is to be considered, that no conversion of the lines and image frequency is possible. Während die TV-Darstellung im allgemeinen problemlos möglich ist, cannot most video recorders the signal process. An important function of the FRK 7001 is the transformation of YC-component-signals into qualitatively directly equivalent RGB signals. Thus video cameras of the super video home system and rear one 8-Generation without quality losses can be attached to TV devices, over no YC-input (S-VIDEO home system, Rear 8) order. The equipment is equipped initially and at the output with a euro Scart socket in each case. The horizontal and vertical synchronous pulses stand both separately and in form of a Composite Sync. for the order, whereby the polarity can be stopped at will. The operation of the FRK 7001 is characterised by clearly arranged operating and display elements and a comfortable microprocessor price increase. All picture parameters are digitally adjustable thereby. By a Backup of the control elements all framings remain 7001 also after switching the FRK off or in the case of a mains failure. For voltage supply a wild 12-V/500-mA-Steckernetzteil is to be used. FBAS RGB converter FRK 7001, Ready-made device S-VIDEO home system - > RGB transformation with full s-Video home system-resolution processes the PAL- and NTSC color standard Scart entrance and exit Microprocessor-controlled operation all functions are digitally adjustable last attitude remains also after switching the equ

Whats Your opinion on this Steve???

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Guy's.. The converter I have works... Although a little expensive.. Had no issues with it..

Steve how much was your conversion kit? And was it easy to fit or expert job?

Cheers Terry

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