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Best Way To Fix Number Plate


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For a genuine new car look (as seen at my local vauxhall dealer) fit with two mismatched self tapping screws. Plates must be slightly off centre and at an angle. For the full effect, burr over the philips slot by using the wrong screwdriver and crack the plate around the holes by overtightening.

Saw a number like this last year. Obviously left the job to the trainee.

Seriously - use tape, no holes.

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I dont no exactly what it is called but their is definetly a double sided tape available especially for fitting no. plates. When i took delivery of my private reg with plates included there were 6 strips of ds tape supplied. 3 per plate. Like the guys say propably the same stuff they sell in Halfords.

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I used number plate double sided tape bought from alfords b4

wouldnt hold the plate at all

Is there any stronger tape anyone can recomend and where can i buy

Kind regards

you must not have cleaned the area b4! not much will stick to old wax and dirt, lol.

I have always used Halfords pads, the 6mm thick variety. and they are great, they hold my new plate on and even the front on standard mounting! just remember to give it a good clean and use all 3 pads to attach the plate! dont scrimp and cut em up

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