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Wierd Touch Screen Problem

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The touch-screen on my '95 Mark 3 Celsior/LS400 is playing up, but in a rather odd way.

As anyone who has one of these screens in their car will know, various functions are displayed via this screen including the sat nav, the audio controls and, more significantly, the heating/climate control settings.

Whilst all the other displays appear to be functioning as normal, when I press the climate button on the dash in order to display the heating/ventilation and air-con settings on the monitor, the screen simply goes blank (i.e. light grey). In other words, power is still going to the screen, and indeed all the other screen displays are continuing to work as normal - including the "touch" facility- but there is currently no means to access or adjust anything to do with the climate control/heating.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be the cause or - more importantly - the solution?


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When you say the screen goes grey, do you mean the icons or the whole screen. If just the icons, then turn off the auto climate facility and they should come back. Apologies if you've already tried this but sometimes its the simplest things.......

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Thanks, guys, for the advice. Much appreciated, but no luck as yet.

Rodders - I've tried disconnecting the Battery, but it made no difference.

Btorz - I mean the whole screen (rather than just the icons) goes grey. In other words, it's still "lit up", but otherwise it's completely blank. And yet, as I've indicated, all the other "screens" can still be called up as normal (and they still work as normal, with full touch-screen functionality.

The "Off" button (to switch off the auto climate facility) does not however appear to function.

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Praise be!!! The problem is now sorted and, yes, btorz it was apparently a fuse that had blown. To be honest, that had occurred to me, too, as a possible cause but as the car was already booked into my local garage anyway today (being treated for another minor and - we think - unrelated problem with the driver's electric seat motor) I let the auto-electrician check out that aspect of it, and it turned out to be the cause.

Thing is, I couldn't seem to find out myself which of the many fuses was responsible for this particular feature on the car, and to be honest I didn't fancy standing outside for any length of time in this freezing weather checking each of the fuses in turn looking for a blown one.

Anyway, all's well that ends well, as they say, and thanks to both of you for your thoughtful contributions. Now if I could just find someone who can tell me where to get hold of a couple of central-locking motors for my two passenger doors...

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