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Aux Input For Lx470

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Afraid you're possibly not going to get an anwswer to this that you like - I had to rack my brains to remember what the car is.... and I think you might be the only one on the forum with one (correct me if I'm wrong).

I can't see any reason why there wouldn't be an aux input, though. It pains me to say it but have you asked any Land Cruiser owners?

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does anyone have any idea of whether or not you can have an aux input into any lexus? If so could I have a hyperlink or be told where I could get this cable. More specifically I would like it for a 03 LX470 with a Mark Levinson soundsystem upgrade but I just want to see what this device looks like. Thank you for anyone that can show me where to purchase this aux cable.

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These things are possible. This link shows how to add an input to the amp on an IS200

But you do need to post questions about the LX470 on the US site as the vehicle is not available in the UK and therefore we would not have any experience of it's stereo system.

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The front input on the pre-amp filters out low bass signals so the designer has only used the rear inputs and used that to drive power amp - you get no fader control but have full range signals.

The front inputs are also there on the board if you wished to have four inputs.

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