Can anyone recomend a trustworthy mechanic in South Wales

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Hi guys,

Been a while since my last post, but still have my "trusty" IS220d. Coming up to 115,000 miles and to this day the only problem has been a seized rear brake caliper!! I know the 220d gets a lot of stick on this forum, but mine has never let me down.

Anyway, so I have moved to south wales, relocated from Southampton, and would like some recommendations on a reliable garage. The only Lexus dealer in Wales, Cardiff, has seriously let me down. It had taken them 5 months to replace my windscreen after the side seal coming loose due to being poorly fitted (this happened several times). If they can't replace a windscreen I don't want them touching anything else!

I have also used Osaka in Newport, bit pricey and quite a trek as I live near Aberdare and Gerry Hill Toyota were more of a sales garage than a service/repair garage.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I moved to Cardiff a couple of years ago and have found Alpha & Yapps garage in LLanishen to be very good.

Probably too far for you though.

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