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ok thanks Mat

but they will probably last longer than the Dunlops then ?

The Dunlops will be about 75£ up from the Hankooks for me. You recomend me putting down the xtra $$ for the Dunlops?


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Just arranged for my motor to go into Chiltern Tyres in Hazlemere (Bucks) on Saturday for new set of Dunlops Sp9000 (Lexus versions). They are supplying, balancing and fitting for £111 each. I'm praying that all the posts about Dunlops achieving 10/20/30 thousand miles is true cos I'm hacked off forking out for new sets every 12 months after doing less than 14k miles.

Just for reference, I'm also getting 4 x wheel alignment for £50 and rear pads changed for £77 (cheaper to do myself but not very handy with car DIY!!)

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Not sure of the exact terminology to what they are called but they were recommended to me from posts within this site and after reading reviews, they seem to be the dogs danglies. I was sceptical when I phoned up for them that the garage services would not know what I was talking about but sure enough, they had them. But they had to order them in which took a couple of days but I think will be worth the wait. A little more expensive than standard Dunlops my local place done me what i consider quite a good price.

Search on Lexus Dunlop SP9000's and you should find a few posts about them!

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ok i found the info!

seems the lexus ones are only availble at 215,45 17


Yes the tyres are oem for the IS200. They only come in the size of the standard tyre. They have a stiffer side wall than the normal ones to improve handling.

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