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Hi Everyone,

Looking at a GS300 as we need something comfortable. Been looking at a car and followed a guide I found on here, but can’t seem to find more information.

After a test drive with the car parked up I pumped the brakes maybe about 10 times, audible warning is heard and VSC OFF, ABS and VSC light up and go away after a short while. I couldn’t hear the pump due to the engine fan (hot day and did seem to go on and off as expected) and I don’t have the best hearing anyway. I tried this procedure three times with the same result. When googling and finding past results it suggests that the brake booster is faulty but this lights and audible warning come on randomly or during driving. So just wanted to check if I’d carried out the test correctly and is this a car that needs a new booster or could it be something else.

Many thanks for your time.

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Just a little bump in case anyone can help. Hoping to join the fold if I can work out if the car is okay. Or if the expense of this potential fix is prohibitive? Thanks. 🙂

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