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Hi guys. I'm needing a little advices.  2000 rx300 150k miles. Over the last couple of years we've had to clean the idle control valve a few times to fix low cold idle and all has been good for 6 months each time. The last time the clean didn't work so we went on Ebay and bought a new idle control valve and fitted it. With the new valve to car idled at 2000 rpm ! So I thought faulty cheap part and ordered another one from a different  seller. 


Put original part on and it doesn't tick over when cold. 2nd new one arrives so we fit that one and idle is back upto 2000rpm. Cant find any air leaks.

Any suggestions  ? Does anything need relearning when fitting this valve? 


Thanks in advance for any help / advise

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You've done the removal and installation before and that didn't need any adjustment so there shouldn't be anything new to be done this time. You could disconnect the Battery for a while and see if the resetting of learnt fuel trims will help.

I think the original valve you have is dead. Possible that both the cheap buys are not up to scratch. If you had disturbed anything in the throttle body you'd probably have a no-starter with all three valves.

In my experience a change of a very faulty iac or maf can make the engine run rich/high/even misfire for a good few seconds and then settle. Might even require putting it in gear. But I'd be careful with the idle rpm at 2,000.

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