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Advice into the car last night to drive home, the heating and ventilation is always set on Auto but the heating never came on even after turning the temperature up. After about 10 miles the engine overheating warning light came on. Stopped the car in pitch black in the countryside, had a look in the engine compartment but didn't notice or hear anything wrong. Got back in the car and carried on. The engine overheating light came on again after about a mile but was only about 3 miles from home so carried on but then the light turned off and temperature gauge returned to normal, but still no heating. Any help much appreciated as don't like travelling in a car at 0 degrees.

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A leak and/or a bit of air in the cooling system?

Other than the comfort aspect, sounds like something to be investigated sooner rather than later.

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Hi Charlie. I think you need to check the level in the cooling system header tank ASAP. Often the antifreeze stains the inside of the tank  ( it certainly has done on mine) and you can be misled into thinking there is a level when it is empty. I tend to 'wiggle' the tank on its rubber mounts and look for the level sloshing about a bit. Failing that I guess take the top off and have a look. Either way I wouldnt drive the car again untill it's sorted, new cylinder heads come expensive!


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