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Hood Struts


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I'm not so sure about these struts.

I had them on my last car and the first thing that came to mind when I first opened the bonnet was how easy it would be for the bonnet to fly up if the catch broke or worked loose over a bump.

At least with the current setup the weight of the bonnet should stop this from happening.

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Look cool and certainly a nice idea. Think i'd like some.

BUT, can't help wondering what the bonnet hinges think of it all ....

Wonder if anybody asked them :duh:

Thinking along the lines of forces in unexpected directions - premature wear etc.

Hmmm, good work though B)

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Well it was really easy to fit

Sourced the brackets from Fig himself, shipped Global prioity only $9.00USD

Got the struts from local Stabilus reseller (shouldnt air ship them due to changes in pressure)

Seems very sturdy, not easy to push down

As for pressure on the hinges, shouldnt be a problem as the brackets are secured by 2 bolts and the strut has a swivel hinge (see the pics on

Plus, the hood probably isnt open for prolonged periods anyways

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if you can get the brackets, the gas struts (which the yanks call hydraulic for some reason) can be sourced UK. get the right length and approx NM, then buy adjustable struts (these have a small release screw to lower the pressure). but remember, what comes out WILL NOT GO BACK. you can only lower the pressure, not increase it. adjust it on a cold day cos they are always more powerful on hot days.

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Expecting delivery of 2 kits next week...

I did post up the Strut details....

Where were they :unsure:

There is 2 post about those Struts, and i think you posted on the other thread Steve....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Got them guy's...

Fitted it in 25 minutes on my own...

The quality of the kit is brilliant...

When the relase catch is pulled the bonnet will act as usual, lifting it up 6 inches then the struts do their work, there is no excessive force acting on the bonnet itself, and then when you start lifting the bonnet up beyond half way, the struts really do their work.

Overly impressed..

Pictures can be viewed Here .

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