UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters


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9 hours ago, Comedian said:

Yes and then some smart-*** going to explain that this is not a "ROAD TAX", this is NFTART or whatever and one paying it still has no say of how it is spent on the roads or otherwise.

This is plainly stupid - we pay for a service, it is no different as paying for internet or water. You pay the bill and if service is junk, say internet doesn't work or water is not running you claim refund. We pay for the road, but when they are littered with pot holes, not fit for purpose and infested with hell knows what - we being told that " we do not pay for the roads so should not get upset about it"... outrageous.

I hope one day British going to start acting like French... there is not other way but riots.. maybe then this nonsense going to end.

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On 28 March 2019 at 9:21 AM, scudney said:

It probably won't be long before it becomes mandatory for all new vehicles to be fitted with black boxes too,sort of makes sense with the way things seem to be going 😁lol

Scudney hit the nail on the head a few pages back! 

Don't be distracted by this speed limiter thing because that is only part of the proposal, the fact is the media monkeys used this as the headline to attract attention ( like they do ) but what you should really be worried/annoyed/talking about is this aspect,


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That is something I have already pointed out, however in the video there are 2 major mistakes:

1. Nobody can force you to provide your data recorder data (that is unless its streamed in real time, or they have possession of your vehicle in which case they can "help themselves"). Currently, in UK there is no law which would force this, nor it is in the regulation itself. I am not saying it won't become the case, but based on fact this can be considered as scaremongering at the moment.

2. Cars already records a lot of data, including GPS data. In fact most of the new cars as of today can record and send such data, the only difference is that currently it is not legal requirement for new cars across Europe, but data recorder are there already and in some cases are already being used again drivers in the court. And I am not talking about Tesla here - some Seat from 1995 will have enough data in ECU to get you prosecuted e.g. speed at the time airbag has deployed.

As I have previously mentioned, the issue is not with data recording (every Lexus woudl have that already), but with who can access it, when and why. I remember watching some UK police "reality show" and there was a deadly crash involving 2003 Renault Megane RS, in that case driver has died after crashing into back of the lorry, but the amount of the data police was able to retrieve from the car was staggering. In that case they only proven that car was doing 83MPH when airbags sensor was triggered, as well as data in milliseconds when brake has been pressed and when ABS has been triggered, even though actual airbags and ABS have been removed. In case driver would have survived and somebody would have been injured in the car in front, same data would have been used against the driver. I think for this particular example it is probably good police had access to the data, but in cases where data would be shared without us knowing and "big brother" would be watching and issuing automatic fines every-time you go 1 mile over the limit would be annoying.

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The net is closing, according to the German Press there is now a majority for a maximum speed on the autobahn. The environmental and traffic safety clubs are leading but are now backed by the police unions and the general public opinion. Apparently people do feel " attacked " by fast travelling cars and it seems it will be a matter of time before a country wide limit will be enforced. Until now the car lobby was sucessfull in keeping the situation as it is but the situation apparently changes rapidly. 

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Not "car lobby" - but capable drivers who not spending money just for the sake of having 200mph car parked in garage. Why would anyone want to spend 2 hours on the same trip whereas it could be done in 1 hour?

Environment groups - that is synonym for "most ignorant people on earth". They don't find an issue with 45% of pollution caused by consumerism and blind consumtion, 25% of power generation... noo that is not the problem. Problem is this 2.4% caused by private vehicles.. that is the reason to limit personal freedoms and bring all the roads to standstill. Equally they don't have problem as it seems with traffic jams caused by inadequate road infrastructure, because surely that is an issue when cars travelling at 120MPH burns 15% more fuel, but not an issue when cars stuck in traffic burns 50% more fuel... In short either these groups are ignorant or the total hypocrites.

For police unions is the same case as for speed cameras in UK, this would mean a lot of extra income - why wouldn't they?

General public... well that is none of their business. If you want to ask about roads - you ask drivers, if you want to ask about public transport - as commuters. "general" public just cannot have a valid opinion because they do depend on those autobahns or speeds. It is like you asking me what I think about trains and commuting to London... I don't care I drive. Do I wan't goverment to spend extra money on trains?! - no because I don't use them. Same here - if you not the one driving on autobahn you won't support it. So if you ask "general public" you will obviously get wrong answer, because you asking wrong people. Drivers are paying extra in most countries, hence deserves more in terms of infrastructure.

People can feel whatever they like, nobody's problem. If they are not capable of driving and do not posses the skill - that is their problem, not the drivers driving fast. Everything is very simple - there are rules and discipline on the roads, if you follow it, you won't have a problem. Even in Germany if you driving on the first lanes the speeds will be 80-90MPH, and even those travelling fast rarely go more than 120MPH for prolonged periods of time. On the other hand - are they feeling "attacked" or simply jealous? 

Generally, I think (and that is just my opinion) there is direct relation between driver skill and support for unlimited speeds. More skilful and experience the driver is (excluding seniors, who probably shouldn't be on the road anyway) more likely they support higher speed limits, the less experienced the drivers are the more intimidated they feel. There is other exception - women are much more likely to support higher limits, I would not want to speculate why. Funny enough they are speeding just as much as men, but when it comes to outright speed you will always find women advocating for limits. For last few decades more and more women started driving so obviously there is pressure from gender side as well. The truth is that some people are just better drivers than the other, but then we have fundamental questions - should we raise the bar and only allow those capable of driving on the roads, or should we make it more inclusive and allow everyone on the roads. Britain clearly chosen latter - allow anyone to drive as they wish, but reduce the speeds to walking pace, Germany so far seems to have higher standard and higher speeds. It is quite clear which one I would support...

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