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Hi Guys

I bought my IS200 in late december 2003. Problem i had was, when driving straight the steering wheel was not in the middle (about 15 - 20 degrees of centre). The car did not pull to one side when driving or braking.

The car was booked in with Lexus dealer at the end of Jan 2004 to have this sorted (tyres were in perfect brand new condition - i check them every few weeks for excessive wear).

Since i got it back the streeing wheel is straight and still it does not pull when driving or braking - thinking it has been sorted. Checked my front tyres recently and they are both heavily worn on the inside :ohmy::crybaby::angry: . I have done around 1500 miles since buying the car and around half of that was after it was given to lex in jan.

In my years of motoring my tyres have never worn so quick - even when i have known the tracking to be out quite badly.

just to add there seems to be a knocing sound coming from under the front while driving.

your help & suggestions are much appreciated.

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Not sure about the noise.

But I had a similar problem!! it sounds the cambers are out!

Lexus 'fixed' my camber problem 2 weeks ago under warranty, I'm not sure what the results are because after 5 months of doing an average of 70 miles a day, i've been using her a second car for the last 2 weeks.

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How did you get this sorted under warrenty, and what exactly did they do ?

After putting about 7-8k miles on the new tyres that were fitted new when I bought my 52 reg IS2000 the 20k service came up with excesive wear on the inside of the front tyres. Lexus Bromley suggested 4 wheel alinement (sp?) at a cost of about 90 squids. I have not done this yet but it is booked in for a few weeks time (their machine has broken down twice)

Very interested in any info you might have mate.

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