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Whine From Heating/cooling Circulation Fan

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Regarding a GS300SE, Oct 2000, I have a high-ish pitched whine - yes, I know, but this is in the car's cabin interior - which is present whenever the dashboard fan is selected 'on'. The noise seems to be emanating from left of centre of the dashboard and the intensity varies with the level selected: no fan = no noise, level 4 = very hard on the ears. The noise is present in all forms of cabin circulation - AC on / off, temperature required high / low and seems to be purely connected with the fan selection.

I was hoping that one of the whizzes on the site might recognise the problem , and if so tell me what the prognosis might be; is it self-fixable or is a visit to the dealer required (and is it likely to be expensive!)?

Many thanks in advance,

Mark Taberham

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it sounds like the bearings for the fan itself have dried out, or that a small object(leaf) is stuck in it, if your able to get to the fan see if you can clean it out..........and put a small blob of vasaline on the bearings

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Under the glovebox, looking up from the footwell, there is a black plastic piece of trim. Remove that and you should see the blower motor/assembly. Disconnect the wiring connector and remove 3 screws and the motor should come out from the assembly.

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