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Anyone Heard Of An Optiflex?


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I'm a new boy to this site and my 1st posting so apologies if I've done/posted something wrong!

Has anyone heard of an Optiflex?

Cut a long story short(and believe me, this is the short version), I had a 20k service at Lexus Bracknell. After collecting the car, noticed a knocking that felt like in the brakes when coming to a halt. 8 visits later, they had replaced the complete suspension, front brake pads, bushes and *** knows what else only to finally fix it by replacing the engine mounting brackets. To be fair to them, they hadn't had to replace these on any other IS200's. But I then took my car to Lexus Twickenham for its 30k service and was told my front tyres have 0mm on the inside and outside of the tyres but 5mm in the middle. Strange considering they had only degraded 2mm before the suspension was replaced. Twickenham said all my suspension was out and so need an Optiflex to correct and want £160 for the privelege. But no one else seems to have heard of this and nothing is mentioned on this site.

Is it a fancy name for simply aligning the wheels which can be done somewhere else cheaper?

Now that I need to change the tyres, going to do all of them and opting for Dunlop SP9000's? Any opinions?

Finally, also need rear pads replaced. Been quoted £500 by local company to replace rear pads, complete front wheel alignment and replace all four tyres with the dunlops. Does this sound a good price?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially on the Optiflex thing if nothing else cos I think I'm being fobbed off!!

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Hi Fargo, I live in Bowerdean Road (nicer part of it I must add!!), just east of the town but travel daily into Greenford for work. Seem to be spending more time sitting still in my car in Wycombe than driving around at the moment as your probably finding getting into Cressex although Handy Cross seems to be a bit better these days!!

My IS200 is a standard sports so I'm not exactly noticeable driving around unless you like looking at IS200's which I do - unlike your motor!! Nice - I thought I recognised the bridge that you've taken the picture of your motor on!

How much did you pay for your optiflex at Twickenham cos they want £160 sobs from me? Do you reckon getting a laser alignment elsewhere to save money is a safe option cos I don't want it messed up and I can't afford to replace my tyres again if it remains out of alignment?

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Thanks 'RedLexus'. I had reached the same conclusion that my tyre pressures had been incorrect but unfortunately they have degraded beyond their life so replacement time but glad you confirmed it. And thanks ColinBarber for tyre type, I would have made the mistake had you not pointed it out!

I only became registered today and nice to see how friendly this club is especially to the new-bies!!

Checking out the GOLD member perks and look quite good so will get signed up shortly!!

By the way, I'm extremely jealous of many of the modified Lexus motors being displayed by you all. I got excited seeing even the most basic of body kits but never realised what was possible until coming here. Its almost convinced me to keep my IS cos I was thinking of selling it this year (find the boot slightly to unpractical being a father) but might have to change my mind!!!

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I heard its an OEM full re-alignment of suspension parts. Or basically a wheel aligment that rips you a new ***** when you have to pay the bill lol

Elite in Essex have John Beam laser alignment bay, best value for money when it concerns best performance.

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