Going on trip to Northern Ireland soon

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Hopefully going for a few days to Northern Ireland in either May or June. Is there anything to remember, other than RAC membership and green motor insurance card? I hear this is necessary to keep my motor insurance fully comprehensive.







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NI or Northern Ireland is a part of the UK and should be exactly the same as in England

If you have the usual UK plates then you might find some unfriendliness and stress there too .....  I did for sure last year when I was there 😢

Take great care if you're driving in Derry, there are parts that even Heneiken wouldn't wish to try to reach .......  tremendous anti British feeling in parts ..  take great care


Now, if you travel to the beautiful and stress free south ( Republic of Ireland / Eire ) then you might need some " foreign " stuff as if you're driving on the continent.

But the stress free driving is amazingly BRILLIANT, scenery is fantastic and the delicious Guinness is like nothing on earth ( certainly nothing like UK Guinness for sure )


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Hi Jason,

It's part of the UK so there shouldn't be any red tape hassle unless you are skipping across the border into the south.  Which is well worth the trip, it's quite a varied island!  

Just touching on what Malcolm says yes there's a few rough areas (same as anywhere) but it's gotten a lot less prickly in previous years.  Best advice is to keep politics, football and religious opinions to yourself unless you know who you are talking to.  Try to avoid the July 'celebrations' too, it can get rowdy! 

Thanks to online car buying and the potential savings on the mainland there's a serious amount of UK registrations here nowadays which should help you blend in.

Plenty of tourist spots in the north and the scenery can be epic on the right day.  

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