Mk4 LS400 Electric Exhaust valve

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So I have been toying with the idea of allowing the silky smooth V8 to be heard more, but it almost feels criminal to be installing a louder exhaust or even remove the rear silencers when you see how much engineering Lexus has actually done to make this motor as quiet as it is. 

And then I stumbled upon these things on ebay:


So if this works as it says on the tin, this allows me to keep the superb waftability intact and switch to car meet exit mode at the press of a button. 

Obviously, I have many questions. First and foremost, is this too good to be true?

Has anyone else here had any experience with these things?

The paranoid side of me is saying that these things will never seal properly, the pipes will rot away in a year, but the actuator will break in six months that's if the wiring will make it beyond two weeks without shorting/frying. 

I guess I'm just a pessimist in dire need of some encouragement. HELP 🤔



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The picture showing the motor wires just wrapped around the terminals and not soldered immediately raised concerns about build quality! Motor looks cheap and nasty plus what happens once the butterfly valve gets choked with carbon.

Plus it’s not simply plug and play..looks like cutting the OEM system to install and some stainless steel welding on the flange supplied.

Also bear in mind you need 2 kits which at the price may attract HMRC interest.


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