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Hello everybody 😀

I have a Lexus IS220D brought to a guy who didn't took care of it and I really need your help!

I got some troubles with it:

1. My car has loose lots of power and I got white smoke coming off the exhaust 

2. I have ( I think) a injector leaking because I got like a tiny puddle of diesel where the injectors are

 I read a lots of topic on this forum which help me a lot ( thanks to you members of LOC for that) .

The injector was chuffing I took it off clean it( it was very hard to pull it out and very very dirty) put a new seal and a new O ring . The car running but you can feel something is wrong I tried to find a garage how would like to help me but no one want put their hands on a lexus 🤣 . I called lexus and just for took off the injectors they charge me 300£ which is really to much!

I don't if my injectors is dead or nearly but no one want to test it! 

I would like to know if I can change it my self even if I have to put the new injectors code in the ECU. I've seen as well techstream and would like to know if this could help me with my problems.

The problem could be somewhere else but  can't find someone for testing the injectors( I'm living in Cornwall) 

I wish you all a good day and thanks for helping me out

P.S: Sorry if my English is not perfect

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see the following post, worth disconnecting the Battery to reset everything:


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Toyota really didn't do too well with their diesel, in the past two weeks two different IS220D's have gone past my house with clouds of smoke behind them.😕

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