Two (yes 2) LS400 Mk4s for sale

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For sale:

S325APK: 1998 Lexus LS400 Mk4

V440ELN: 2000 Lexus LS400 Mk4

Item Condition:

S325APK: Cashmere gold, cream leather. 114,762 miles, new MOT, LSH from new until 101,669m, then a HUGE service by previous owner (aircraft engineer) at 113,000m which included cambelt, tensioner, water pump, aux belt, engine oil and filters, transmission oil, coolant, brake disks, bonnet struts, strut rod ends, Y-exhaust connector. More recently, I gave it a replacement Battery and a new rear coil spring. Bodywork is in good condition with only two car park dings. Updated with the more recent LS400 satnav CD. Thick file of receipts and invoices, service book, etc.

V440ELN: Silver, grey leather. 135,106 miles, MOT until June, new brake disks and pads all round, recent tyres. Although the car is perfectly reliable and drivable, iI am selling it as SPARES OR REPAIRS ONLY on this as it has a few old-age niggles. Most significant is that some idiot (me) scraped the rear passenger side door on a fence post. Plus there's a small unrepaired dent on the front wing. I've done 40,000m in this car and it's taken us all over Europe. But with some front suspension clonks on speed bumps and potholes, it needs more work putting into it. Suit an experienced home mechanic (not me, alas).

Price and price conditions:

S325APK: £2750

V440ELN: £750

Extra Info:

Both of these cars are amazing. I bought the gold one as an 'insurance policy' just before a road trip when I worried the silver one might fail the MOT. I needn't have bothered as the silver one passed and that's the one I've driven for 40,000m since: Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. So the gold one was laid up and not driven for 3 years. Just this Spring recommissioned. If I didn't need the hatchback, I'd be keeping the gold one, but I've already bought a fellow forumite's RX400h (shown in the photo - younger, a newer design, better equipped, but not a patch on the engineering marvel that is the LS400).




Better pix to come

Contact Details:

PM here, or email



Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:


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Extra photos of S325APK:








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Extra photos of V440ELN:





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Oops - stupidly forgot to say that the silver one also had the full cambelt/water-pump/aux-belt replacement. That was done at Lexus Cambridge, 2.5yrs and 20,000m ago.

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they both sound a brilliant buy for someone ( or two )

one would be me for sure if i wasn't totally content with what I have right now.

good luck with prompt sales


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Should anyone want a replacement door and wing for the silver one I have both available plus plenty of other spares from my breaker.

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Silver car is now sold - just this afternoon to a great chap who already has a bit of a Lexus habit! He's mechanically savvy, so I'm sure it'll be sorted pretty quickly. Although he had been wondering about putting the1UZ into his IS200! Hope he'll join here.


MODS: Can't seem to edit the text to remove the advert text for the silver one. Is that normal, or am I doing something wrong? Ta! 🙂

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